We have worked hard to build great relationships with an extensive range of manufacturers, giving our customers options and choice. Our recommendations will always be based on the right product to serve your needs. We source products from our extensive supplier base as you need them to ensure we provide you with the latest technology at the lowest possible price. From a single microphone or lighting fixture to an arena sized concert system we are equipped to serve you. From time to time we do have demo or clearance stock available – simply sign up to our mailing list below and we’ll let you know when these opportunities arise.


We offer comprehensive in house and on site service and maintenance. We can ensure your equipment is operating at it’s peak and will continue to do so for years to come. If you’ve ended up with a tangled mess that’s evolved over years, call us. We’ll make sense of it all.

System Optimisation

Often we find that a customer’s equipment is adequate, but implemented and tuned poorly. We use the latest in acoustic measurement tools to correctly align, adjust and tune your system to ensure its performing as well as it physically can in the space it is installed in. We can offer you this service on site with your existing equipment. Often the addition of some low cost signal processing and a days work can make your existing system come alive. This can be a lower cost option particularly for churches who are not ready for a significant equipment investment, but desire better performance out of their existing system.


We often find that users have quality tools, but lack the skills to get the best out of them – particularly in church environments where equipment is often operated by volunteers that come and go. We can offer anything from quick advice over the phone through to multi day training seminars for your entire team. Contact us to start a conversation about how we can equip your people with the skills they need to excel in their various roles.


We recognise that the world of audio visual is only getting more high tech and confusing. One of our goals is to bring clarity and understanding to our clients enabling them to both choose the correct equipment and get the best out of the incredible array of options now available. We are happy to offer advice independent of any brand loyalties to give you confidence in your purchasing decisions.


All the equipment in the world is useless if it’s implemented poorly. We are able to provide a total design service with the products we supply. In everything we do our goal is to provide the best user experience possible. The use of technology must always improve the users experience, not make it more confusing and difficult.

A Total Solution

We provide quality “turn key” solutions to our clients. We have worked hard to be able to offer all the services you need in house – whatever your need large or small we can meet it. We’ll take you right through the process from initial consultation, to delivery of a concept and quotation to installation and training.