Vineyard Church Windsor

Vineyard Church are a contemporary church with a big vision in the suburb of Vineyard in North Western Sydney. Streamstone were contacted to undertake an upgrade of their sound system to bring it up to a standard that reflects the skill and energy coming from their musicians on stage.

We worked with the church to facilitate a demo of a proposed solution. We are firm believers that a church should have the opportunity to “try before they buy”. A quality sound system can be a significant investment and though we are very confident in our recommendations and advice, we don’t expect our clients to just “take our word for it” before outlaying significant church funds.

The end results are impressive to say the least, with a high headroom system able to provide the dynamic range and clarity that is demanded by modern praise and worship music.

Speakers are EAW’s MK12 series, and SBK250 subwoofers. Amplifiers are Powersoft K series

We have continued to work with Vineyard in providing upgrades to their projection system with the provision of new screens, and an intelligent lighting installation underway.


Pictures to come!