Redeemer Baptist Church

Redeemer Baptist Church also run Redeemer Baptist School on their beautiful historic campus in North Parramatta.

Streamstone were engaged to supply a cutting edge sound system for their main meeting space, Sargood Hall. This building is of high heritage significance and as is often the case with such spaces, it presented some major acoustic challenges. For a speaker system, very high directivity is the order of the day here – i.e. the speaker system needs to be carefully chosen to direct energy at all frequencies to the places it’s needed and away from where it’s not.

The main FOH speakers are EAW AX series backed up by EAW MK8 delay speakers to cover the balcony space. Amplification is by Powersoft and processing by Symetrix.

Redeemer are also enjoying a Yamaha LS9 32 digital console.

Pictures to come!