BHP Billiton

BHP Billiton’s Mt Arthur coal mine contacted us to assist them in resolving a tricky problem with their newly installed digital radio communication system. They were having major issues with the clarity of the audio being transmitted by the excavator operators when attempting to use the handsfree option to communicate. This was causing lost revenue as the drivers were forced to stop operating the machine and pick up the hand mic to get their message across.

Tim spent two days working with BHP’s team taking a complex range of acoustic measurements and carefully customising a solution to overcome the specific noise and directivity challenges presented by this challenging environment. A reliable and robust design was also a top priority.

A system was developed around equipment from K&M, Audix microphones and RDL filtering technology.

A pre-made kit was developed to allow BHP’s auto electricians to self install the equipment on site with minimal downtime to each machine.

Excavators on a MASSIVE scale

A carefully customise solution